An SEO Reseller program gives you the option to provide clients with multiple SEO services, subtracting the money, time and energy it would cost to hire SEO consultants, employees and freelancers. It would be an exorbitant cost for in-house training. However, when you use the services of an SEO Reseller, it comes with many benefits, such as generating more profits, keeping customers satisfied and happy, allowing you to take on more clientele.  There are other benefits to using and working with an SEO Reseller, which we will discuss below. 

You get scalable results

There is a big difference between “results” and “scalable results“. You can fully hire an independent SEO expert and it will provide you with good results for 10 quality links for your client. However, what happens when that same customer wants more than 100 or 1000 links? Your freelancer will definitely be out of place when it comes to providing such a large number of links. However, an SEO reseller will be able to effectively help you in such a situation.

SEO is largely process-based. SEO reseller programs have different processes in place, which help them find link building prospects quickly. They also help them produce content and leverage editorial relationships when needed. All of this allows SEO resellers to offer you the kind of scalable results you need that freelancers simply can’t give you.

You can work with specialized specialists

What are you supposed to do when a client of yours requests a particular SEO service that you have no experience with at all? This is where an SEO reseller agency comes in. SEO resellers work with a wide range of clients, and to deal with all of them effectively, they always have experts who are well-versed in different SEO niches. This means that no matter what SEO service your customer wants, whether it’s e-commerce, your SEO reseller has you covered.

You don’t have to invest in new relationships

As an agency owner, you need to constantly build and nurture different relationships with webmasters, publishers, and content creators in various specific niches. This is a persistent and time-consuming task. It becomes even more overwhelming when you get a new client who belongs to an industry that is completely different from your usual niches.

To offer this client the necessary SEO services, you will need to build new relationships from scratch. Think about performing this arduous and time-consuming task in multiple niches and can probably imagine why most agencies choose to stick to a single niche. However, this really limits their growth potential.

However, if you hire an SEO reseller, you can simply skip this whole process and focus on your own skills. An SEO reseller has well-established relationships with different people in different niches. You can simply leverage these long-standing relationships to earn higher rankings for your customers, regardless of your industry.

Get “on demand” services

Most highly skilled SEO freelancers typically demand an advance directly. However, hiring a full-time SEO doesn’t make much sense unless you have enough work and billable hours for them, which will make this investment worthwhile. SEO resellers have no such demands. In fact, they work on an “on-demand” model. This means they have no contracts or subscription plans; you simply pay for any service from them you need, whenever you need it. Ultimately, this results in lower overall costs and higher profits.

Making the best SEO Reseller Choice

Now that you are aware of what the SEO Reseller does and the advantages, you may not know how to make the right choice. It is going to depend on a number of things such as the SEO tasks needed and which is the best SEO Reseller that can complete it to your satisfaction. Your SEO Reseller should be an extension of an agency. There should be a relationship beyond just outsourcing a project.