26 thoughts on “20 Largest Ad Networks – 2013”

    1. Hi Saurabh,

      Top networks are subject to change anytime any day and note top can be considered with respect to reach or revenue also. I am mentioning some for you as per the good brand and response they have in their respective Geo.
      First of all Google Ad Network stands at the top all over the globe. In India: Tribal Fusion for display and InMobi for Mobile,Rocket Fuel covering the best for North America, Europe, and Japan ,then Jumptap(mobile) being leader in US reaching 107 million users ,AdConion leading australia well where as Tribal Fusion stands 3rd in AU after ValueCLick.
      Microsoft Media Network has a good response in Europe where as Casale Media and BV Media in Canada

      These are some information that i had, but there is no such exact numbers to define their listing as per Geo.

      Thanks for the good question. Let me know if this doesn’t make sense to you.


    2. Hey, you can give a try on Adzonal.com. I’ve been working with them from quite time and seeing good results with them.They provide the high CPM rates

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  1. Did you know adtomatik.com? More tthan 2,000 premium advertisers, worldwide reach and the highest fill rates on eCPM. I’m using this and I got really great results!

  2. Why not try Adsbolt (http://adsbolt.com)

    I recently came across this Ad Network and would like to recommend the same. It works great for me. Some of the main features include no minimum requirement, payment within 48 hours, minimum threshold of $5 and payment through paypal.

    There is no harm in trying them as you will see the results and cash flooding into your account really fast.

  3. Mascot Click does not provide a fixed CPM rate, base CPM rate or fixed CPC for campaigns in your account. CPM rate can be different for any website according to country traffic, click rates, conversion rates and content channel (Content type you serve) information, campaigns, competitors on your website’s traffic, etc. We prefer not to give an average about your CPM rate.

  4. A good paying advertising network recently established is MYadsnet. It is based on pop under advertising with a CPM strategy. They have very good rates for quality traffic from publishers. Advertisers can buy traffic from all countries at a good price, there is inventory for all verticals. For more information visit : http://www.myadsnet.com

  5. i m an advertiser and i have advertized with myadsnetwork and cpmoz they are providing all bot traffic never ever go with me

  6. yes these network are top paying ad networks. But this post is update 2013. In 2016 many others ad network start good platform like MaltaCPM.com. I have great experiance with work on MaltaCPM.com. All friends check this network first then you count MaltaCPM is number one top paying ad network.

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