You’ve followed every search engine optimization or SEO trick in the book, but your small business is still not getting the online traffic you want. So what are you doing wrong?

First things first, you are a small business. That is a fact, not an insult.

In the competitive world of digital marketing, choose your battles wisely. Don’t waste effort going toe-to-toe with large corporations and professional marketing teams.

Instead, take the competition locally with these local SEO tips! Did you know that about 46% of all Google searches are those looking for local information? Read on to discover how to take advantage of local SEO for your small business.

SEO plus perfect PPC strategy can lead to a sure short success. External PPC consultant can also lead the same rather having a complete marketing resource.

1. Create Local Content

Creating content showcasing your connection with your locality is a great way to tell both people and search engine algorithms about your location.

Showing your engagement with your community makes your customers feel confident in your knowledge of your area. For example, if you have a photography business, feature local areas for shoots. Take all opportunities to map out your area while putting your business location at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

2. Keep Your Location Information Accurate

What is local SEO without the right location? The whole point of local SEO is to be location-based. So, make sure your information everywhere on the internet is accurate and consistent.

Be technical when writing your NAP: Name, Address, and Phone Number. Make sure you use your official business name given for tax purposes.

Also, be as specific as you can with your location. You can utilize Google tools like Google My Business. This makes sure your business listing shows up in Google searches and rank in Google Maps.

3. Develop a Local Keyword Strategy

Writing local content is a great way to weave in relevant keywords. However, if you’re trying to localize, switch your keyword strategy from common to more unique.

Look for underrated and local keywords to claim new grounds for your business. By targeting keywords with less traffic, you have a higher chance of getting indexed by Google.

4. Improve Local Linking

When it comes to SEO, you have to use the inter-connectivity of “the web” to your advantage. Start by reaching out to local news sites to cover your brand. You can also partner with other small businesses to give them a reason to write about you.

Any engagement that could make online bloggers and writers link back to your website is always good. For instance, you can try sponsoring events or organizations.  Google will deem your website more reliable if other websites link back to it, thus, sending more traffic your way.

5. Follow Local SEO Tips When Formatting Your Website

What your customers see is just as important as what search engine algorithms see. So, make a dedicated location page. The contents of this page should go beyond your basic NAP.

Local specific content you can include are:

  • An embedded map and directions
  • High-quality images of your shop
  • News and articles featuring your business
  • Local attractions
  • Community events

At the end of the day, you are a business, so make content for your customers.

Take Your Small Business to the Top!

Tired of large corporations overshadowing your business? It’s time to set your sights on the local market. Use these five local SEO tips in your business marketing to put your business on your community’s map and on your customers’ minds. 

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