Although the term “Marketing” may have been dissected at every turn over the past number of years, at the end of the day, it stills leans on its core characteristic: communication. Sticking to its core principles of communication, no matter the platform is always going to produce effective and beneficial results. Since the inception of the Trade Show way back in 1851, they have proven to be one of the most effective marketing tools around, and have not wavered in this effectiveness much since then. Add this unique and original marketing dynamic to the power of the digital age, and what you get is more than just a little marketing magic. 

Marketing through Google Adword

Search engines Google AdWords allows marketers so that they can start a strategy for targeting specific mobile devices. They might advertise for specific mobile platform and devices. Also, COST-PER-CLICK is increasing for mobile users in comparison of desktop users. Combination of two facts i. digital. increasing CPC and mobile use contribute to high RETURN ON INVESTMENT. This particular practice needs some research and special features for websites, they might be:

•Advertisers should research about user’s character and their interest.

•Research to know the source of user traffic. It helps in focusing on a certain device, like: if most consumer traffic is being released on the from android consumer, then a give attention to should be a yahoo user.

•Create mobile friendly website including the use of lightweight videos, audios, text message, images, etc.

•Make sure about course-plotting to correct mobile version of websites.

Trade Shows are Certainly Worth It

While trade shows with their pop up displays and the like, may be the oldest form of marketing around, it does not mean that it is any less effective than today’s super-charged marketing tools. In actual fact, trade shows may even be a better form of marketing, allowing direct interactions between the business and the consumers that it serves, as well as other businesses in the industry. The numbers have shown that the power of trade shows and expos to be on par. Results from Forrester Research have shown that these types of events constitute 24% most of B2B marketing budgets. These face-to-face meetings further allow the company to better position its brand in the eyes of the consumer, while at the same time making it easy for attendees to come and see, and learn about any new product offerings.

Don’t Forget About Your App’s

With a mobile device in practically every hand on the planet, getting in touch with new markets, and targeting consumers directly, mobile applications are the way to go. Last year, mobile app’s surpassed the television as the medium which consumers spend the most time in front of. They provide a sophisticated and dynamic approach, that creates a two-way communication channel directly between your business  and the consumer. Making use of the smartphone features, such as push notifications and the phonebook feature, personalized offers can now be tailored to each consumers’ individual needs. Mobile app’s are truly able to deliver a dynamic and enhancing mobile experience, and if used correctly, can be an exceptionally effective marketing tool.

Taking advantage of a trade show or expo is one of the best ways to really get in touch with the consumer, while showcasing what you have to offer. Couple this real life interaction with your digital marketing strategy, and the sky is no longer the limit. You can reach for the stars, and beyond.