Top Google rankings are fundamental for all online businesses seeking to succeed. An analysis of the search engine results page (SERP) shows that Google’s first page results receive about 31.7% of all clicks, while those on the second page get only 0.78% of clicks. You need to constantly improve and adapt SEO trends and strategies to soar to the top of the SERP page and drive all the traffic to your business. Here are the five effective ways to improve your SEO rankings in 2022.

Evaluate Your Current Google Ranking

You need to know where you currently stand to boost your Google ranking. Start by checking your website’s keyword rank. You can use free tools like Google search console performance reports, SEMRush, and Sitechecker Rank Tracker. Confirm the site speed, responsiveness, user experience, and user interface, as they are essential Google ranking factors.

Take time to assess your site’s overall health before optimizing. Check if your website has experienced an abrupt drop in organic traffic after several years or months of consistency. You might also want to confirm if your site has been penalized with a Google algorithm update. If you don’t have time for all these, hire a trusted SEO Brisbane expert to do the job for you.

Target Accurate Keywords

Keywords are those phrases and words that blend with the customer’s search query. When performing keyword research, know who your target market is, their needs, and how they convey these needs. Social media forums like Quora and Reddit are great sources of phrases and keywords. Such sites have long-tail, question-based keywords that are often less competitive than traditional ones. You can also spy on the competitor’s keywords to identify what is making them rank ahead and copy their strategies.

Make Your Site Mobile-friendly

Mobile devices account for nearly half of all web traffic globally. That simply means your site needs to function perfectly on mobile for you to rank well. You can quickly determine whether your site is mobile-friendly or risk a penalty through Google’s mobile-friendly test. If you are working with a site that is not mobile-friendly, secure a quick fix using services like Duda Mobile and Mobify. Update the website to its latest version and ensure form fields and CTAs use easy-to-tap buttons.

Track and Measure Vital SEO Metrics

One of the essential metrics to assess is organic traffic. You need to know the number of people who visit your site and how they access it via Google. Simply log into your Google Analytics account and sift through the acquisition channels report. Be sure to pay more attention to the keywords that drive the most traffic to the site. You can use the Google Search Console to see the number of clicks you receive for specific keywords in organic results. Tracking and measuring vital SEO metrics will identify where to direct more efforts and time for better performance.

Focus On Link-building

A website with more backlinks stands a better chance of ranking higher on Google. Use Ahref’s backlink checker to view all the pages linking to Google’s top-ranking page and talk to their editor to front your content as the best alternative to connect to. Also, create page connections within your website, better known as internal links. Such links improve the SEO of a specific page on your site if you link several other pages to it.

SEO is here to enable you to make the most of Google Algorithms as well as dissolve the barriers that hinder you from reaching out to your target audience. Ensure you adhere to SEO’s best practices and constantly change your strategies to stay ahead of the competition.