What’s Atlas 2.0?

Atlas 2.0 is a Facebook advertising platform which was acquired from Microsoft in February 2013. It’s a modern ad server which serves ad not based on cookies but to the real people, Atlas 2.0 is completely revamped with a new interface and technology too.


  • Accuracy – Real people targeting and no cookie based targeting
  • Reliable – Not a single impression will be served to unknown user thereby each impression will bring impact
  • Faster – The new UI is much faster than Atlas classic
  • Included Offline sale tracking
  • Included Cross device targeting
  • Rich targeting – Platform is integrated with Facebook’s millions of user profiles

 Structure in Atlas 2.0:

 Atlas 2.0 structure_knowonlineadvertising

Let’s know Atlas 2.0 interface right from scratch to have a better understanding.

  • Here we start with the Login Page: Please get the login from your respective concerned person, you can always change your password like you can do for other accounts

Atlas 2.0_Login_knowonlineadvertising

  • After you successfully login the page, you are taken to the dashboard page which is seen like the below:

Atlas 2.0_welcome page_knowonlineadvertising

The dashboard has three main options as:

  • Recent Campaigns
  • Recent Reports
  • Recent Advertisers

This feature helps us to save our time and take us to the active and most frequently used campaign, report and advertiser. Using this we don’t have to traverse all the path to open the respective campaign, report or advertiser.

Recent Campaigns:

This is where we see all the recent campaigns that are running or last updated, these recent campaigns are as per your profile and not globally. So if you haven’t trafficked any new campaign below is how it will appear:

Atlas 2.0_Recent campaigns_knowonlineadvertising

*To see all the campaigns in your account please click on See All button highlighted in red above.

Recent Reports:

This is where we see all the recent reports that has been worked on or downloaded. We also have a shortcut here to create new reports, just the way we have option to create new campaign.

From here itself we have option to create all three kind of reports that atlas has, we will discuss about these reports in detailed later below. Also similarly we can see all the reports by clicking on See All button.

Atlas 2.0_Recent Reports_knowonlineadvertising

Recent Advertisers:

The third feature that the dashboard has is recent advertisers where you see all your recent advertiser listed. You can click on any as per your requirement to directly get into the detailed information about the account.

Atlas 2.0_Recent Advertisers_knowonlineadvertising

On the above you can see “EM_NA_United States_Xbox_Game_Title_Microsoft” advertiser which is one most recently visited. Again clicking on See All will take you to all the advertisers that you have for the account.

The other feature or option that we have on the dashboard page are as below:

  • Help
  • Notification
  • Change Password or Logout Option
  • Contact Us
  • Blog

Download the complete PDF by clicking on the Download link below. The whitepaper consists of detailed understanding of Atlas 2.0 plus step by step trafficking process…

Atlas 2.0_QuickStart_Guide_V1.1

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