What is ads.txt? How does it work?

Programmatic Buying emerged as a revolution for advertising industry as it automated the buying and selling of ad inventory. It brought efficient way to serve right ad to the right customer. But as they say, each coin has two sides, even programmatic buying has. One side is the revolution that Continue Reading

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With the vision of “Providing cost effective and cross functional ad campaigns”, 247RTB integrates programmatic buying with real time bidding which enables their clients to achieve highly efficient and personalized advertising for their business. It’s one of the leading programmatic buying platforms with their headquarters based out of Tel-Aviv. Being Continue Reading

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When will the programmatic buying start on Television Advertising?

The online and digital advertising has experienced in recent years, remarkable progress. The other innovation is, however, quick to agencies and advertisers are able to follow step-by-step. The real time bidding, hyper-threading and multi-platform coordination are just some of the innovations originated by the possibility of collecting and analyzing data Continue Reading

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