Setting up a new consulting business is not always an easy task. After getting the necessary documentation for incorporation, you will need to think of ways to grow your business. 

There are many marketing strategies for consulting businesses that almost everyone applies but knowing which strategies work is also essential. You need to learn from those who have walked these steps before you to avoid making the mistakes they made.

We have put together five major marketing tips to help you grow your consulting business.

1.      Place Google and Social Media ads

Marketing online has proven to be more effective than other advertising channels. Social media gives your consulting business the exposure it needs to grow. However, with boosted ads, you can easily reach your target market and find those who need your services. Ads play an active role in bringing your business out to the public, especially for those who don’t know your business exists.  With the help of targeted keywords, you can reach millions of clients on Google. The same goes for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, which also offer excellent opportunities to advertise your consulting business.

2. Send Email Newsletters

Top businesses have used this strategy, and it has proven effective in many ways. Email marketing is not an easy task, but it is also not impossible. You will need to get a lot of contacts for this. The first names on your list will be the clients you already have, and then you can add them to this list. To get the benefit of email marketing, you will need a lot of contacts. The best way to get people who are interested in your newsletters is to go through content marketing. Have people subscribe to your newsletters through blogs, ebooks, and webinars. You will need a very active social media presence to gather large followers. The newsletters should be able to provide information to your readers and also answer their questions.

3. Host Events/Webinars

Clients love businesses that are willing to engage them and answer pertinent questions. Setting up events where you meet your clients face to face shows that you are interested in serving their needs. It is a very effective marketing strategy and will earn you more clients. You can host live events where you can attract more people to do business. For consultants, webinars are the perfect way to reach millions of people around the world to exchange information and for them to see your expertise. 

4. Get referrals

One way to help your consulting business grow is by getting referrals. Even though you have very few direct clients who have patronized you over the years, you will need more clients to sustain your business. You can ask your clients to recommend your company to others. The most effective way to get referrals from them will be to offer a referral bonus package. You can also refer other businesses to your clients and also have them return the favor.

5. Connect on Social Media

You can also meet other potential clients on your business pages on social media apart from sending out ads. Most people are looking for one thing or the other, and if you are active on social media, they will be interested in what you are offering. You will need to build a large following sharing interesting and engaging content to draw people to your business. This usually takes a lot of effort and time to accomplish, but it is also rewarding.


On a final note,  if you are yet to set up your consulting business, know that your location matters as well. There are good states to form an LLC for your consulting business, so consider those if you want to pay less taxes.  That way, you can allocate more funds to your marketing endeavors.

Now that you know what marketing strategies work, you shouldn’t hesitate to apply them in your consulting business today.