Content marketing is definitely a big hit last couple of years. Under the content marketing does not mean spamming on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or at one of the popular social network already includes a complete strategy – we like to call DIGITAL PRESENCE .

Digital presence of all elements of online communication that will result in more organic visitors to client sites: corporate blog, active communication with journalists on portals and content creation that they need and who are willing to publish, the development of “guerilla project,” off page search engine optimization, email marketing, creating infographics, community management on social networks, sections of questions & answers, direct links to thematic portals, active communication on the topic forums, creating video content, commenting on the thematic portals, blogs and social networking sites and so on.

Great marketing agencies do not have the resources to create this type of content so that outsource creative or PR agencies. Here the media themselves can step in and offer clients and agencies a little more than a standard sponsored article or column, just a little should consider

Little more detail on content marketing can be found here –

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