Site-Centric Measurement  Ad-Centric Measurement
1. Site centric measurements are site based and the counts are derived from a web property’s Ad centric is based on Ad server’s logging processes
2. Site-Centric measurement represents basic metrics like page-views, unique browsers, or time spent. Ad-centric represents metrics like click-through, ad specific activities are included
3. The data is always collected by the website owner The data is collected by the ad server owner
4. Audience measurement derived from web server and page tag logs. Audience measurement derived from a 3rd party ad server’s own server logs

*NOTE : Together these are considered as CENSUS BASED measurements

Another measurement includes are:

User-Centric and Network-Centric measurement.

In User-Centric the audience measurement is based on the activity of a sample of Internet users i.e. activity of people versus browsers. These sample of users are the ones who are willing to have their usage data collected.

In network-centric measurement a research provider collects the data from one or more ISPs.

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