In the ‘good old days’, a company grew over time. Initially, it was through word of mouth and personal recommendations. Then there was paid advertising in local papers and so on. When businesses went online, everything changed. It was no longer enough to simply say, ‘my business is bigger than my rivals’, ‘my products and services are better’ or ‘we’ve been going longer’.

The winners these days are the businesses whose names appear in response to peoples’ online searches. This explains why sponsored sites often appear at the top. Let’s discuss further why Google ranking is so key for peoples’ business success. 

Marketing is All About the Customer

It’s not enough for a company to choose a logo, strapline, and website based on its own preferences. Research demonstrates that people aren’t impressed by seeing a list of product specifications online. What they are looking for are answers to their problems. Businesses need to be sending a message that says ‘we can sort this for you better than anyone else’.

Unless a company has employed some key marketing staff, it may need professional help in order to rank higher on Google. Southampton is a busy town full of businesses, some of which have been started by graduates of the two large universities there. According to experts from SEO Services Southampton, companies frequently need their websites to be audited in order to find the gaps that exist.  Businesses specializing in Search Engine Optimisation check the rival websites for clues and create the links a company needs online.

Search Words Provide Discoverability

Business websites need quality content that is rich in the keywords people are entering in the Google search box. SEO companies often use analytical tools to help identify these words. The content needs to be topical and relevant. If whole paragraphs are duplicated on different pages of the same website, Google is not impressed, and ‘demotes’ its discoverability.

Businesses are also able to create content using Youtube channels. These can be highly effective because Youtube has been taken on by Google, so the one connects to the other. Companies need to choose the video titles wisely using key search words. There is space under each video to enter a full description. Once again this should contain keywords and links to the business website.

High Ranking Helps Businesses Stand Out

Business markets can so quickly become saturated. The minute a new product comes out, rival companies will be working on their equivalent. Any company that features at the top of a Google search will be enjoying high visibility, and be enabled to get its voice heard above the competition. People will be clicking on the web links and discovering the sales pages as a result. A website that has been maximized for Search Engine Optimisation may take time to rise up through the ranks on Google. Having said that, some have achieved success overnight. 

Surveys have revealed that people have more trust in their own online searches than the solutions thrown at them by adverts. Once they have found a site, there is a real chance of a sale. As we have seen, increased discoverability creates increased visibility – and increased visibility can increase sales.