Sending faxes is a crucial business communication process. While you can’t escape from faxing, there is a way to get relief from owning hefty machinery and remain bound with a desk to send/receive faxes. 

Yes, you can now send a fax without using a fax machine. All thanks go to the technological advancement because of which it is easy to send or receive faxes from any time anywhere.

If you have no idea what we are talking about then pay attention to what is quoted in this post. It is going to be an interesting read. So, get ready.

CocoFax – Innovative Way of Faxing

CocoFax is an online faxing solution helping professionals and enterprises to send/receive faxes without investing efforts and money in a fax machine. To know more about how CocoFax can share fax from iPhone, read ahead.  

Why use CocoFax?

It eliminates the need for a fax machine with its high-end and cut-above interface that acts as a mediator between end-users Gmail account and the receiver’s fax machine.   

Because of its superb performance, it has been featured in some of the most famed media outlets like Forbes, CNET, Life Wire, New York Times, and PCMag. They all root for CocoFax and don’t think twice to suggest their readers use CocoFax. 

It is so advanced and robust that people can easily send a fax from their iPhone

Because of its high-end operations and un-hassled usage, CocoFax has managed to win thousands of hearts across the globe. 

Presently, its online faxing facility is available in 180 countries at zero added cost. These are not the only things that make CocoFax stand apart from the rest of the online faxing solutions. There are ample. Have a look at them.

Unmatched security encryption

Conducting business communication over the internet should be backed up with enough robust encryption to keep the odds of data theft and manipulation as minimum as possible. CocoFax emerges as a winner at this front. 

It comes with military-grade encryption and meets all the necessary compliances including HIPAA and PHIPA. Because of all these features, CocoFax is considered the safest way to send/receive faxes online.

All-around availability

Gone those days when one has to be glued to the office desk for business fax processing. CocoFax can work wonderfully on all the leading data-driven devices like phones, laptops, desktops, and tablets. Because of this, one can enjoy unmatched functionality. Now, you’re free from cord-tied faxing technology.

You can send faxes from anywhere anytime as long as you have an active internet connection and a data-driven device. This has definitely a positive impact on the productivity of the businesses Teams feel free to work as there are no cords of fax machines tying them up.   

The easiest way to send a fax

CocoFax is a super-easy tool. You don’t have to gain any expertise or excellence to use it. 

Whatever you have is more than enough. Its user interface is very friendly and can be at your service without getting you involved in a tedious set-up.

A simple login can open up a world of opportunities. There are detailed guides on the websites to guide you through and through. While bringing CocoFax is already an effortless job, there is highly responsive customer care support helping you at each step. 

All your queries and concerns can be heard of with full attention.   

As if that was not enough, CocoFax has made this tool compatible with almost all the leading devices. Whether you an Android-based device or a Windows-based laptop, it will work with full perfection and accuracy. There won’t be any glitches.  

Best ROI

With CocoFax, getting the best return of your money is possible. One subscription offers multiple benefits; benefits that can be astonishing and exciting. For instance, you will get a 14-days free trial. 

This free trial gives you an opportunity to testify to the real-time viability of CocoFax without investing a huge sum.

Then you will get lifetime storage access. All your official and personal faxes can be saved at a centralized place and access anytime. 30-days money-back guarantee is another huge benefit that one can avail.    

How CocoFax Makes Faxing With a Fax Machine Possible?

We know it’s hard to believe that but it’s true. With CocoFax, there is no need to get a fax machine to get started with faxing. CocoFax acts as a mediator between the digital platform and fax machine as both these platforms have different modus operandi.

Users can send their desired faxes to CocoFax and CocoFax proceed further from your behalf. Once you activate its subscription, you will get a fax number for free. Using this fax number, you can send faxes on others’ fax machines from your data-driven device.

To do this, you need to open your emailing services. In the recipient address field, you need to enter the fax number of the receiver along with the country code. Complete the address by adding ‘’ at the end.  

CocoFax will take over the job from there. It will process the faxing process with full perfection even if the sender doesn’t own the fax machine. Once the receiver will get the fax, the sender will be notified. In short, there is nothing to be worried about as long as CocoFax is at your service. 

If there are some issues in sending or receiving the fax then it is because of the internet connectivity or the fax number. CocoFax has been designed with such perfection that there can’t be any issues on its part. You will enjoy easy and un-hassled online faxing. 

In Conclusion

Sending fax online can be easier than ever if you’re doing it with CocoFax. This advanced tool is here to help professionals and enterprises to simplify the faxing process by all means. It removes the hassles and hurdles of owning a fax machine and its setup. 

With its usage, one can send faxes from anywhere using a phone. CocoFax has made faxing a totally effortless job. So, don’t get tangled with wires. Get registered with CocoFax, avail of its free trial, and enjoy its endless benefits.