All mediums in advertising has its own pro and cons, there is no one medium which is best. It always depends on the goal of the company or advertiser. The fact is today it is no longer enough for companies to rely exclusively on traditional advertising media or only digital advertising. A perfect mix of all is the best solution in today’s era where online advertising is becoming an integral part of the communication mix of every major company.

Let’s know in detail about the advantage and disadvantage of online advertisements, starting from its advantage…

Advantages of online advertising:

  • Extensive coverage:
    Network connection with computers worldwide, it is a global network of large and small throughout the world in accordance with a variety of unified communications protocol consisting of an information transmission network. Thus, over the Internet release wide range of advertising information, regardless of time and geographical constraints. From the advertising point of view, as an advertising medium, the wider the scope of dissemination of information, human contact, the more advertising effect will be. From the advertisers market, the consumer markets throughout every corner of the world, even a small business is likely to become an international company overnight.

  • Large-capacity information: 
    Capacity to provide information on most Internet companies is unrestricted. Businesses or advertising agencies can provide the equivalent of thousands of pages of advertising information and instructions, without having to worry every minute of the second increase in the expensive traditional media advertising costs. The network behind small banner ads, companies can put their company and its products and services, including product performance, price, model, morphology, etc. It seems necessary to explain all audiences, including detailed information made into a web page on their website. We can say that under certain circumstances the cost (for storing banner ads on other sites and pay for), companies can increase without limit advertising information, which in the traditional media cannot be imagined.

  • Strong interaction with sensory: 
    Online advertising carrier is basically a multimedia, hypertext format, as long as the audience interested in a certain kind of product, you can tap the mouse further to know more, much more detailed and vivid information so that consumers can personally “experience” Products, services and brand. As virtual reality and other new technologies to online advertising, immerse experience for customers such as goods or services, and to book online, trading and settlement will greatly enhance the effectiveness of online advertising.

  • Real-time and long-lasting unity: 
    Internet media has the right to change the function of information, companies can make changes at any time according to need advertising information, 24 hour warehouse industry can adjust product prices, product information, you can instantly get the latest product information dissemination to consumers and online media can also be long-term preservation advertising information. Enterprise established for the product website, you can remain, waiting for consumer inquiries, enabling real-time and persistence unity.

  • Accurate delivery goals: 
    The accuracy of online advertising include two aspects: one is corporate advertising target market for the accuracy of the network is actually one of a group composed of members of these organizations tend to have common hobbies and interests, potentially forming a thin market of the target customer base, companies can be specific to a corresponding product advertising consumer site up, clear target market, thereby leading to targeted audiences and the information will be Gang-related advertising messages with their professional and more attention to such information; hand reflected in the accuracy of your audience, the Internet is the need to pay, when consumers browse the site, select the advertising information will only really interested in, so to reach the high accuracy of the information online advertising audience side.

  • Non-compulsory transfer information: 
    As we all know, newspaper ads, magazine ads, TV ads, radio ads, outdoor advertising and is a compulsive medium, all you have to do everything possible to attract visual and auditory, forced indoctrination into your brain. The online advertising belongs on-demand advertising, newspaper classified ads with nature not need to completely view, which can be freely inquiries will focus on looking for information presented to you, thus saving time and avoiding ineffective passive attention.

Disadvantages of online advertising:

Internet advertising has obvious advantages over traditional advertising, and also unavoidably brings its disadvantages, mainly in the following aspects:

  • Visitors to their online advertising “filtered”: 
    Some visitors simply do not want to see, let alone have report responses. This situation is similar to other media, only a handful of consumers will buy your product, but that was it! Key is to be able to Canton. This part of the report information is passed to the consumer, the biggest difficulty lies in selecting the right online advertising target market, otherwise, it is difficult to bring about the final ad buying behavior.

  • Network technology to filter the ads: 
    On the one hand for the advertising network itself provides more space, opportunities, tools, and the origin of Internet culture itself is obnoxious commercialism, so there have been some network software and tools will plant a report as a network of cultural dregs filter out. In doing online advertising company, be sure to verify that the target market has a tendency to an extreme aversion to commercial advertising, whether the use of these filters online advertising tool.

  • Lack of skills and marketing skills: 
    Internet advertising is the guiding ideology of the “information marketing” rather than the “impression inducement,” but the expression and transmission of information still need presentation skills to attract consumers. Therefore, only the aspects of the product and the information listed here definitely not form a successful online advertising. Traditional advertising to generate an irresistible impression and attractive presentation skills and marketing skills in online advertising is still needed, even more demanding. How to marketers to consumers in rich information resources at the same time, but also have a strong attraction for them is a huge challenge.

  • Online advertising marketing personnel requirements are higher than other media: 
    Compared to online advertising can almost be seen as a microcosm of the entire marketing, which involves how to attract customers to interact with customers, etc., which is the traditional advertising to customers impressed goals have to go very far. In short online advertising requires marketer’s integrated use of traditional advertising performance practices, providing information on the use of soft methods of marketing and network marketing techniques.

How is the Internet more advantageous than other media?

Disadvantages of Television

  • The message is limited to average of 30 seconds, can go up also in multiple of 10 seconds but the rate/spot goes quite highAn effective campaign costs millions
  • The medium is perceived only passively
  • Missing details that need to be sought elsewhere

Disadvantages of Radio

  • The message is limited to average of 30 seconds, can go up also in multiple of 10 seconds but the rate/spot goes quite high
  • It is not possible to communicate more information at once
  • Visualization is not possible
  • The radio often serves only as a soundstage
  • Missing details that need to be sought elsewhere

Disadvantages of the Print

  • Does not allow movement and sound
  • Little flexibility
  • Ads are easily overlooked

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  1. Good morning, just looking for stats or input about placing a client’s TV, print and billboard advertising on their website for visitors to access if they want? Any ideas are most appreciated.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Pramod,

      In simple words, what traditional mediums do is they force advertising on you, it’s a compulsive medium whereas proper digital campaigns are never compulsive but are shown to their relevant users, hence they are non-compulsive. E.g. Female generic products when shown on TV is forcefully seen by all the users viewing the TV whereas when we do digital campaigns we show the ads to only female which helps in saving money plus targeting to potential buyers.


    1. Hey Seshank,

      It’s the key team from where you can always give a start to your media career. AdOps give you a backend understanding of how advertising works plus basic knowledge. You can always move from AdOps to any domain of media except the technical or creative end.


  2. One of the biggest benefits of digital advertising is the extensive coverage it can offer for your business. After all, by interacting with your customers online you can reach out to many of them. This could even include finally interacting with customers who would normally be outside of your range of influence.

  3. Thanks for your informative post. It is crystal clear that we are living in a digital world. With the advancement in the technology and influence of digital media, organizations have to keep with the pace by constantly updating themselves their methodology and strategies. Hence why it’s better to outsource your organization’s website designing, development, website auditing, and most important inbound marketing to professionals that have greater experience.

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