If you own a small, internet-based clothing business, you may be wondering how to get more customers to visit your eCommerce store. You may have tried posting your wares on social media only to find that people scroll past it without so much as a click.

Consider Printful custom company shirts. When doing so, there are several innovative ways that a person can advertise their business on social media without breaking the bank.


Everyone loves to win something. You have to spend a little money to make money, even if you just have a small internet business. A product giveaway on social media is a great way to get people to visit your store and see all the amazing clothing you have to offer.

T-shirts, hats, and tote bags make some of the best giveaway items. Not only are they inexpensive to make, but if you put your logo on them, they will advertise your business. You can also give away pens and cups with logos on them.

There are websites that can host raffles. They will provide you with a ticketing system. You can also offer a prize to the 10th person who responds to an email or host a video drawing on your own website or YouTube page.

In the summer try getting a table at a local street festival and simply hand out tickets to anyone who will provide you with their email.

Instagram Influences

Instagram influencers are one of the main ways that people find out about products nowadays. If you have some money to spend, you may be able to afford a Nano influencer who will charge you about $10 a post.

A Nano influencer is someone who has at least 1,000 to 10,000 followers. People who are right on the cusp of being nano influencers want to get more followers. If they are advertising a gorgeous piece of clothing like something from your collection, they are certain to get those followers. You may be able to get a person with 900 followers to advertise your clothing for free.

Create a Video on YouTube

Introduce yourself to the public with a video on YouTube.You can create your own channel on which you will show a new article of clothing from your line every week. You can often get models who need to pad their resumes to work for little or no money.  The videos you make should be very brief. You should state the concept behind the design, the fabric, and the sizes that it comes in. Tell people where they can order the clothing in the first minute or so of the video.

Snapchat Campaigns

If your fashions are likely to appeal to a younger crowd, you may want to consider running a campaign on Snapchat. Snapchat ads start at around  $5 a day. The best Snapchat ads are humorous, short, and to the point.

Facebook Campaigns

Facebook offers paid advertising options. However, you will generally get more attention if you just post your fashions. It is best to join groups for people you think are likely to buy your clothing. For example, if you have more mature fashions, you may want to join a group for people who are over 55. If you have t-shirts that would appeal to fans of a certain genre of music, you should join a group of people who love that kind of music.

Create a Tagline

Whether it is Have a Coke and a Smile or Think Different, the most successful companies have always had great advertising slogans. Think of a tagline that tells people what your brand is all about.

You can try a few different slogans on Twitter and Facebook to see what people respond to. Once you find a tagline that intrigues people, print it on a shirt and post the shirt front and center on your eCommerce store.

Get Interviewed

There are websites and YouTube channels that are completely devoted to new designers. Many of them offer the opportunity to be interviewed. An interview will let the world know who you are and what you are trying to say through your fashion language. You will get to show off your line and let people get to know the person behind it.

You have worked hard to create your fashions. Knowing where to advertise can make the difference between success and obscurity.