Marketers are always brewing a new strategy in their marketing lab to stand out. The advent of digital media has taken this quest to an altogether new level because the competition is high, and there is no margin to lag behind. That’s why from social media campaigns, SEO marketing, and Google Ads to influencer marketing, we have come a long way. Now it is the time for personalized video marketing to shine and it is found everywhere.

If you don’t know about personalized video marketing and why it is getting so popular, here is everything you need to know:

What is Personalized Video Marketing?

It is an age of personal interaction and relationship building with your customers. Now you cannot launch a traditional ad campaign in the market with an expectation to capture your potential audiences more than your competitor who is sticking to a personalized marketing strategy. That’s where personalized video manages to sneak in.

Video marketing has always been the love of marketers, but now this love has gained a new meaning with the addition of the word ‘personalized’. Brands are hiring experts of this field, like IndiVideo | #1 Personalized Video Platform | BlueRush to not only use video marketing to launch new products, establish a brand name and ensure brand reinforcement but also to strengthen the relationship with their customers by triggering their needs, addressing them directly and be-friend with them.

The good thing is that businesses don’t need to hire a world-class director and cameraman to create compelling video content. A clear and simple video that presents worthy content, provides value and delivers an engaging story is what your business needs to go viral and expand the brand’s legacy.

If you still feel reluctant to incorporate personalized video in your customer service plan, here are given a few reasons to think otherwise:

Personalized Experience:

Now every business has understood the significance of providing a personal experience to its customers. From Facebook, Google to Samsung, every big brand is digging out ways to provide the best customer experience to its audiences. If you are not following the footprints of these big brands by personalizing the experience of your customers, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to engage with customers and establish loyalty. Well, you don’t need to establish a high-tech system like Facebook and Google are creating, an interactive personalized video can serve the purpose for you. PIVs are the best way to create a message that seems designed for each customer.

Breaking the Noise:

The online world is a battlefield for businesses that are in a state of war to get the customer’s attention. The issue is that the increasing number of businesses has made today’s consumer so confused and dazed that it has become hard to achieve his attention. A personalized video is key to break the noise and gain customer attention. People love being acknowledged and cared – that’s what a personalized video does. So, people automatically get attracted to a brand that is beautifully telling them: we love you!

Increase in Click-through Rate:

Whether you are looking to build customer loyalty, brand reputation, or product awareness, the ultimate goal of all marketing campaigns is to increase the revenue. And a personalized video stays winning here as well! You can find many case studies that show how an interactive personalized video helped brands to generate revenue by increasing the click-through rate and conversions. Customers no more fall for the content that neither provides value nor offer a personal experience. They are looking out for brands that are looking out for only them – make sure you are that brand!