Remote working is the ideal way to make a living for some, whereas others find the concept utterly loathsome.

Unfortunately for the latter individuals, some form of remote working might be here long into the future.

Thankfully, there are ways to support these employees and help them thrive in the digital arena.

Turning to the world of tech to train your remote workforce can help them get ahead of the game, hone their skills for the future and hopefully, stop feeling down about working from home.

The Cloud-Based Approach to Learning

Supplying your employees with a cloud-based learning opportunity is a wonderful way to keep them engaged with technology, while utilizing the cloud itself to create real-world training assignments in which they sharpen their digital skillsets.

A great AWS tutorial can have your employees traversing the digital realm with ease as they fill in the gaps on their list of digital skills.

Centralized learning platforms are wonderful for businesses of different shapes and sizes, but perhaps especially so for those of you who need to support a remote workforce, one that needs a helping hand with a digital transition.

  • It is worth noting that opting for a cloud learning solution is a good way to promote the value of continued learning, while perhaps encouraging autonomy among your staff members.

Identify the Areas That Need Improving

It can be difficult to identify areas of improvement at the best of times, let alone within a totally remote operation.

It is nonetheless important, as it can help you support your employees who need it most, possibly even creating a customized training program to help them out.

There are some great apps to utilize in this area, such as Time Doctor – A wonderful tool for monitoring and managing your employees’ work rate and timescale.

In order to nourish and maintain an effective and well-balanced workforce, regular training and a commitment to up-skilling is vital, but before these factors can be utilized to their full potential, finding out who needs support and at what level is a must.

This will likely not be a blanket solution, which is why a cloud learning integration can be so beneficial, as it can give your team the extra freedom to explore a range of courses.

The Value of Webinars

Webinars are far from dead. In fact, they can be incredibly affective at training your staff and helping them thrive.

This can be a particularly good way of teaching your employees if you have any in-house experts willing to share their knowledge and experience, as they are already a familiar face, one that they will probably be used to seeing in the virtual day-to-day.

A Q&A format tends to lend itself to the webinar format fairly well, provided that you put measures in place to restrict everyone throwing out their questions at once.

Using the Right Communication Software

If everyone is on the same page, or in this case, webpage, you might find it easy to reach your workers through a medium that they are familiar with and comfortable with using.

Sticking to the one platform (initially at least) can be a great way to avoid confusion and to train your employees to master the art of online communication.