Pictorial representation of Advertiser and Publisher

advertiser and publisher
S No.                   AdvertiserPublisher
1.An advertiser is the one who pays the money to get his advertisements shownA publisher is the one who gets money for showing the ads on his site
2.An advertiser owns or controls the actual product or service that is being advertised because as he is the one who commands the product advertisingThe publisher advertises the actual product or service and drives the user to the advertiser page to fill out the form or make a purchase or read more details on the product.
3.Advertiser is also known as a retailer or merchantPublisher can be an affiliate or reseller or basically a site promoting businesses
4.Makes money by ROI, i.e. by selling the advertised productMakes money by publishing the advertisement
5.The ones who used Google AdWords is an advertiser alwaysThe ones who signs up in AdSense is called as publishers where they get paid for running ads

Advertisers and publishers play the same game but in different roles. Advertisers are owners and need users for their great content, and publishers are these great traffic providers where high quality users change their offerings. 

Advertisers are companies that own a product and a company that relies on others to advertise it. They are looking for users to buy their products, so they rely on publishers to manage their ads and provide high -quality traffic to offers. To describe via an example: Microsoft looking to promote their Microsoft office 365, for which he might use multiple partners like nytimes.com, Google search, Youtube.com, etc. to promote their product to users to make their customers, here nytimes.com, google, youtube are publishers.

Some advertisers could be publisher also at times, like when Facebook runs ads of multiple advertisers, they are publisher here and when they promote themselves on other partners they are advertiser here. It’s like whoever publishes your content are publishers.

Publishers are the people or companies responsible for linking your advertising products to end users because they are the traffic providers. These players are responsible for advertising and finding high quality deals, believing that advertisers will deliver the best products so that they can earn high monetization for their traffic.