In simple words to describe TPAS is the use of third party creatives or tags by Ad networks, Like tribal fusion is a Ad network which uses different third party agencies creatives to show up the Ads.
Now , why do we need third party Ad serving ??
There are number of reasons but the one major reason is REVENUE ENHANCING , which basically falls into two categories :

1) Drive business efficiency – improve margins
2) Improve media performance through insight and empowerment – improve ROI & planning expertise

The other reasons are :

  1. Ad servers provide comprehensive tracking, retargeting, optimization and reporting of all media buy types.
  2. Ad servers have expertise and highly developed tools for creative rendering and tracking.
  3. Third-party ad servers have highly-evolved reports, such as Path to Conversion, Site Overlap and Reach and Frequency reports that allow marketers to fully understand how and when users are interacting with the media.

There are may other reasons which help in every way.

Different Third party Tags provider :

They are basically divided into two parts ::
DFP ( DART for Publisher )
– DFA ( DART for Advertiser )

  • Atlas (subsidiary of Microsoft) – Link to detailed pdf file : Download.
  • Adsfac –  Established in 2001 and headquartered in Sydney, Australia . Facilitate Digital is an independent provider of digital marketing technology. ‘Independent’ i.e they are not owned by any media.
  • EyeWonder – Another third party tags provider which now has been merged with unicast and mediamind i.e EyeWonder, MediaMind and Unicast are now one company, representing the digital advertising division of our parent company DG.
  • EyeReturn – eyeReturn Marketing is the leading digital advertising platform in Canada.
  • FlashTalking – Flashtalking provides innovative, intelligent ad serving that improve efficiencies, responsiveness and delivers tangible results.Flashtalking is Europe‘s largest independent provider of award-winning, innovative Rich Media & Video Ad Serving.
  • DoubleVerify – (May 2009), DoubleVerify is headquartered in New York City. DoubleVerify provides online advertising verification and is the worldwide leader in online media verification and decisioning.
  • PointRoll – (May 2000), A Gannett company.
  • AdConion – (2005) , Adconion Media Group is the largest independent global audience and content network, dedicated to true partnerships with agencies and marketers.  It is a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), is one of the first companies to be IAB certified with its unique Ad Networks & Exchanges Quality Assurance program in the US and is a founding member of IASH Europe.
  • AdXpose – (2005) , Recently acquired by ComScore. AdXpose is a leader in Ad verification, optimization and brand safety and it is headquartered in Seattle, WA, with offices in New York City.

AdXpose is an advertising company that is part of a network of sites, cookies, and other technologies used to track you, what you do and what you click on, as you go from site to site, surfing the Web. Over time, sites like can help make an online profile of you usually including the sites you visit, your searches, purchases, and other behavior. Your profile can then be exchanged and sold between various companies like as well as being sold to other advertisers and marketers.

  • AdForm – (2002) , Established in Denmark. Adform’s unique platform incorporates display ad serving, rich media, video, mobile, dynamic ads, personalised targeting, and real-time bidding through integrations with major inventory players, making display advertising simple, relevant and rewarding.
  • Ad Gear/Bloom Digital – (2008) , AdGear is a product developed by BLOOM Digital Platforms, an online advertising technologies company based in Montreal, Canada.
  • Adify – (2005,California) , Adify provides the technology and back office services necessary for companies to run their own online ad networks. Adify is a self-service ad network for companies interested in developing their own ad networks. The service allows a publisher to negotiate ad rates, and to reject an advertiser if not interested.It was acquired by Cox Communications Enterprises on April 29, 2008 for $300 million.
  • AdShuffle – (Dec, 2005, USA) – AdShuffle is an ad serving and marketing technology company. AdShuffle integrates both advertiser and publisher solutions within the same interface. It adjusts ads and placements in real-time.
  • AdTech – (1998, Frankfurt, Germany) – Adtech is a German–American digital marketing company, providing publishers, agencies and ad networks with products to manage, serve and evaluate online advertising campaigns, including display, video and mobile formats. It was acquired by AOL on May 15, 2007.
  • – (Aug, 1998) – is an online advertising company based in the US. Earlier known as which got renamed to in Jan 2011.It was acquired by AOL on June 24, 2004 for $435 million.
  • BrightRoll – (2006, California) – It is the world’s largest and most trusted video ad network and the leading provider of digital video advertising services.
  • BridgeTrack – (2000) – BridgeTrack is an another leading provider of digital marketing solutions.
  • AppNexus – (2007 , NY) – AppNexus is the most advanced platform for buying real-time online advertising. AppNexus’s clients include the largest ad networks and online advertisers. AppNexus offers a proprietary gateway to premier ad exchanges and ad inventory aggregators, and cloud computing capabilities for unrivaled scalability.
  • Flite (Widgetbox) – A cloud Ad company who’s name changed from Widgetbox to Flite last year.Flite delivers ad innovation at scale to the world’s top publishers and brands. Marketers use the self-service Flite Platform to reduce the complexity and cost of delivering differentiated ad products that engage their audiences.

Getting started with Flite : Click here ! HAPPY AD Making .

  • InterPolls – (1999) – Interpolls is a pioneer and leader in rich media and next generation advertising technologies.
  • Mediaplex – (1996) – Mediaplex is recognized by brands and agencies as an established, innovative technology leader in digital advertising.Largest global, independent cross-channel ad server since 1996. It’s the Technology segment of ValueClick.
  • Mixpo inc. – (2007, Seattle) – Mixpo, Inc. provides video advertising technology for publishers, ad networks, and agencies in the United States. It offers SmartVideo Platform that transforms online display into interactive video ads across various Internet-enabled devices.
  • Right Media(Yahoo Company) – (2003, NY) – Right Media, Inc. is an online advertising company that operates the Right Media Exchange (RMX), a marketplace that enables advertiserspublishers, and ad networks to trade digital media. Technology providers develop services for the Exchange via APIs. Right Media was acquired by Yahoo in on 29th April 2007.
  • Spongecell – (2006, NY) –  Spongecell is a leading the creative resurgence of online display advertising by combining speed, innovation and advanced engineering to transform standard banner ads into rich-media-like interactive ads that can run in any ad placement on the web. The company works with creative and media agencies to serve thousands of engaging campaigns across billions of impressions for global brand advertisers every year.
  • Telemetry – Telemetry provides digital media forensics to worldwide advertisers wishing to make sense of their digital media investments via the delivery, analysis and audit of online advertising campaigns.They offer ad serving and true verification all in one contract, globally.
  • Teracent – (2006, California) – acquired by Google in 2009 – Teracent is the leading ad optimization platform for advertisers and marketers – and the only digital display ad technology that focuses exclusively on their needs. Teracent’s flexible, data-driven optimization technology provides solutions that empower marketers to control and evaluate their media buys in ways never before possible.

With DoubleClick Teracent, online advertisers can:

  1. Dynamically optimize ad unit and content without limitations.
  2. Test ad content in real-time and make changes immediately.
  3. Evaluate ad effectiveness through specific and customizable KPIs.
  4. Track performance and see the learning engine maximize ROI in real-time.
  • TruEffect inc. – TruEffect is an internet advertising technology company focused on developing innovations that enhance digital display advertising. It is the only provider to serve ads from the advertiser’s domain, which provides powerful advantages over all other solutions available today. Our First-Party ad serving technology serves ads web wide directly from the advertiser’s domain rather than the ad server’s domain such as DoubleClick or Atlas.

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  1. Hi team,

    I am new to programmatic video campaign. I got vpaid tags from Adap TV. Could you please and help me what are the macros i need to replace and is there any option to preview the ad by testing the tag?
    Note : We are using Beeswax RTB.
    Please reply asap as i am dying with this.

    Thanks & Regards,

  2. Hi Team,

    I have a small query regarding third party tag, i find this tag generic and can not find any adserver related to it.


  3. Update :
    Mediamind had changed its name to Sizmek already, since few years back then.
    Hopefully this information can be added here under the 3rd Party Tag Provider.

    P/S : Keep up the great works! Love your articles!

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