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When it comes to a digital marketing campaign, it is hard to overestimate the importance of persuasive texts. Copies are the place where you begin a direct dialogue with your visitors. That is why to grab their attention and provoke actions, you need to be sound compelling and creative. Originality and inventiveness will surely make your copies noticed by potential customers, investors, and business partners.

Not only you should sound nutty, but also persuasively. Advertisements must clearly state your brand message and proposition. When you deliver your offers clearly, you can expect a bottom-line result. Let’s discuss some simple but efficient tips on how to write an advertisement that strikes.  Read on to start converting seekers into buyers today!

Set your inner perfectionist free when it comes to headlines

People rarely read full copies online. They are more likely to scan texts briefly. That is why headlines are extremely important. These 25-30 characters must be relevant, catchy, and informative.

To make your headline attractive and motivate users to click, you should include the value proposition, adding words like:

  • Free shipping
  • 50% off
  • Wide choice

Also, you should encourage users to visit your site, promising that your product or service will solve their problem. For example, if you are selling an anti-allergic drug, then “Tired of your allergy?” might be a nice headline. When creating headlines, keep focused on customers’ needs and objectives.

Another one-size-fits-all ad technique of effective advertisements is revealing the benefits of your products or services. What makes you unique? Do you have any exclusive benefits that cannot be found anywhere else? Talk about them! When revealing the benefits, don’t forget to “talk” to your customers. Adding “you” in the headline is key.  

Be honest to your customers

Whether you write a headline or an entire copy, make sure that your compelling texts correspond to reality. Write about the benefits you can deliver and make sure to back them up with positive customers’ feedback on your landing page. Social proof will make your ad look more trustworthy. It is true that people trust other customers more than advertisers. Don’t neglect the necessity to back your words up. Remember, if you cannot deliver proof, then you can end up damaging your reputation.

Add questions and use emotional language

Your copy will be more engaging and eye-catching if you will make it lively. For example, when asking questions, you encourage your visitors to stop for a while and think about the answer. When something is bothering them, a question about this pain point will grab their attention for sure. Let’s say, you provide services for students. Your question may sound like, “Struggling with homework?” or “Looking for an essay writing company Australia experts?” Everyone in need of academic support will stop scrolling because these questions are of their present interest. What is more, when you ask a relevant question, it is automatically suggested that you have the answer. This will make your potential customers wonder about your offers.

Also, don’t neglect some emotional passages to your copies. Emotions will make you look more “humane” to your customers, and they will feel the connection with you as a person, not a marketer. Describe the pain point of your customers as if it is your problem. Talk about their anxieties, desires, and goals. Then reassure that your product can solve the issue and explain how exactly this will happen.

Benefits are more important than features

Create advertising copy that tells your visitors how your offers will improve their lives. Instead of writing about features that make you so amazing, focus on the positive outcomes your product will bring. Be precise and clear here. For example, write “Save 10%” instead of “Our prices are low.” The last phrase sounds vague. Your prices might be low, but how low? Comparing to what?

Also, avoid writing about something your customer doesn’t really care. For example, your very special equipment, exact brand name, history of your company, etc. won’t motivate your visitors to click the “Buy Now” button. Something that will work as a trigger is the list of benefits, not features. People want convenience, speed, and efficiency, not “interesting” facts.  

Fear of missing out

Yes, urgency can be a significant trigger to make visitors act immediately. This is a psychological trick perfect for advertisement writing.

  • Add a countdown timer that runs in the real time
  • Highlight that the offer is limited (for instance, a particular product is seasonal)
  • Claim that the discount works for a certain period of time

Such phrases work because people don’t really like the idea of losing something. When you inform them about the possibility of a loss, they feel a little bit anxious and are more likely to make a purchase. Writing that the offer is limited, you show that the sale will end soon, so customers should hurry up. Even if they were not planning to buy something right now, the feel of possible loss would motivate them to act.


The online competition in all the imaginable niches is getting more severe. In such an environment, you must take care of all aspects of your marketing campaign. One of the critical elements of a successful strategy is an excellent advertising text. Indeed, compelling copies can work like magic! Start with an eye-catching headline revealing the main benefits of your offer and stating the brand value clearly. In the main body, use emotional language to help your customers relate to you. Ask questions and explain how exactly your product will solve their pain point. Don’t forget to add some social proof and refer to positive comments from your previous clients. Use psychological tricks like urgency, and your chances to increase conversions will grow! Good luck!

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