The business of Law is complicated and for many people, stressful. Ensuring that your law firm is set up with strong Search Engine Optimization will mean that your clients have a smooth and stress-free experience to connect with you, and leave you stress-free as well to be able to focus on them.

Here are 6 important reasons to adapt your Law Firm with SEO practices:

Bigger Audience

Using SEO is a very important tool for Law Firms to garner more attention from a much larger audience. Digital media is much more prevalent than older, more traditional forms of media such as television, print or radio. Even less effective are physical displays like billboards and posters. With advertising through digital means, you have access to a greater amount of people.

Highlight Specialties and Expertise

The great thing about SEO advertising and an SEO oriented focus is that it allows you to rank highly with certain expertise and specialties, highlighting the skill, experience and talent of your staff and personnel. To better understand the effectiveness of ranking for certain keywords, and how that will improve traffic, the experts at ConsultWebs can give you a hand, along with explaining the importance of tracking the time your customers spend on certain web pages. Your pages are able to rank separately, gaining traffic from different sources, and increasing your overall page authority. These customer interactions connect your potential clients with those that will be able to best help them and best suit their situation.

More effective converting clients

The big difference-maker in using SEO over other forms of marketing and advertising is that Search Engine Optimization leads users to the services that they are already seeking. The general public isn’t going to give print ads, or posters a second glance. TV commercials are more of a nuisance than a service. The best way to get interested clients is to be a search option for when users are seeking legal services, already needing help from a law firm. The right SEO will ensure that you are at the top of searches, resulting in more clicks that translate to clients.

Location-based advertising

SEO is very important for location-based businesses such as a specific law firm. Unlike other means of advertising, SEO extends its searchability services to work with location trackers and GPS, highlighting the best businesses in the immediate vicinity. What does this mean for Law Firms when it comes to SEO? This means that things like accidents involving collisions, slips and falls at work or public, and other situations that demand a lawyer immediately will reveal your Law Firm as a top option within a city. When someone types in a search for law services in a certain location using a search engine with a mapping option, that map will highlight businesses that are both nearby and of high searchability. If your SEO is done right, you will be among those top options.


One of the ways that SEO benefits your Law Firms is that it allows you the ability to stay competitive within your field and industry.  This is important in any business, to be able to learn how your competitors are finding success while learning from your own mistakes.  SEO provides data and information on what similar firms are using for their keywords and how they are ranking for them.  With that information, you can decide either to better optimize your page to compete for those same keywords or rank for other keywords if the market proves too saturated. 


Accessibility with mobile devices

Accessibility is one of the most important factors to consider when understanding the benefits of SEO. As touched upon earlier with location-based advertising, situations where you need a lawyer and other legal services can arise at any moment. In these cases, many of the searches are happening through the use of mobile smart devices, your phones, to be able to access such services. The fact is, not all sites are made with phones in mind, and some windows and pages do not translate well to smaller screens. The right SEO will ensure that your sites are perfectly set up with mobile-friendly user interfaces, as an unoptimized website will many times deter users and rank poorly in searches.

Having a site that is also optimized for phones means that you will get twice as many searches, if not more, than those that are not made to work with mobile devices. This is an overlooked subtle change that makes the difference when trying to appear professional to potential clients. Everything now is done digitally, with a community more interconnected in a multitude of ways. Make sure that your firm is not left behind by utilizing and optimizing your business with good and effective SEO practices.

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