Difference between DSP and RTB

S.No. Demand Side Platform Real Time Bidding
 1. It’s a platform that advertisers uses to buy inventory It’s a mechanism by which inventory is bought
 2. Helps to give access to multiple RTB exchanges through one interface Helps to bid each impression
 3. Helps to buy audiences (collected from behavioral data, cookies and data exchanges) rather than specific websites Bid as per the audience selected, website can be any
 4. DSP is an interface to advertiser where as SSP is an interface to publishers RTB can be considered as middleware for DSP and SSP
 5. DSP enables global ad frequency capping across exchanges which improve campaignEfficiency and user experience. RTB functions as per the command passed through the DSP that an advertiser is using


25 thoughts on “Difference between DSP and RTB

  1. Priyanka Kumari

    Myself Priyanka, I want to say that I am a new joinee in this field and completely fresher. I have no idea about all these things but as per my job I have to know all these topics. So please suggest me from where do I start ? Also guide me.

    • Hey Priyanka,

      Sure will help you to rise better. We have mailed you on your ID, please check

    • Hello Priyanka,

      I would also like to help you if you still need.
      Anytime you can contact me.

      Kapil dev shukla

    • hello, this is a best website for online advertising.

  2. Seema Vajpeyi

    I want to understand digital advertising from the basics .Kindly help

  3. Raman Mahana

    Please send me some documents for learning about Mobile banner advertising & Ad exchange.


  4. Pradeep Murugan

    HI, Could you please tell me elaborately about real time bidding in detail…

  5. Srinivas

    Hello I want to know Complete information about Display Advertising (advertiser and Publisher side) and How Many Platforms will use for display advertising. Can u Please tel me Mr. Kapil Dev Shukla Sir.

  6. Srinivas

    Thanks for u r info

  7. Hello,
    I have a doubt
    As per my knowledge, I know that RTB mechanism involves mainly 3 segments ie; DSP, AD exchange and SSp.

    But, one of my colleague told me that RTB purely works from DSP end. I objected with him that, it works from AD exchange only and it involves both SSP and DSP into AD exchange for serving creatives on inventory .

    Let me know ASAP weather, it runs from DSP or ADexchange?

    • Hi Jaswanth,

      RTB is a technology which is used in programmatic buying and involves all the platform like exchanges, SSP or DSP. Your colleague is not completely wrong as he is trying to say with the respect of buying and RTB is the technology which helps in buying via DSP but just add to him that RTB helps in selling also not just buying. You can read RTB post once and let us know if you need detail clarity on it.


  8. srinivas

    Hello i need complete info about DSP, SSP and Ad Exchange can u plz help me

  9. Imtiyaz

    can anyone explain me what is difference between java script and Iframe tags please

  10. Rakesh Jha

    Help me to understand Programmatic buying and RTB

  11. Shrikanth

    can you please explain the difference between the Demand side platform and dcm

  12. ko

    am new to this field, i have no idea where to start. pls suggest me and also guide me to rise in this field. TY!

    • Sure, why don’t you start with some basics. The first step should be the theory on advertising and then a little move towards these free sessions:


      After when you are done with the above, sign up with adwords and google analytics.


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