Having a goal in advertising is very important, before starting any campaign the goal should be clear and the focus on it should be maintained till the end of the campaign or till the goal is achieved. There can be many goals to a campaign as it completely depends on the product and the motive of an advertiser but let’s sum up them into larger points to know what kind of goals can be in advertising and how it can benefit

  • Increase the visibility and awareness across the market.
  • To strengthen public enterprises and commodities brand impression.
  • Improve the consumer brand name purchase rate.
  • To maintain and expand the market share of brand advertising.
  • The dissemination of corporate and product spleen, business and information services to the public.
  • To strengthen the new product promotion, popularization of new product knowledge, introduction of unique new products.
  • To correct the public enterprises and brand awareness for bias, helping to remove obstacles to the sale.
  • To improve the company’s reputation, establishing a good corporate image.
  • The promotion staff find it difficult to reach the target market, using advertising reaching the right target in advance.
  • Encouraging consumers to shorten the decision-making process, helping in direct purchase.
  • Increase in the confidence of targeted consumers all over the world
  • Through advertising, increasing the duration of use of the product plus maintaining the market rate or increase in sales of the product.
  • To persuade potential customers to the sales or visit to sites thereby increasing awareness again
  • Raise awareness of the products and enhance the confidence to buy.
  • In order to expand the influence of advertising, creating momentum, morale of corporate personnel to increase enthusiasm and creative work.
  • The creation of markets, and tap the potential market targets.
  • To promote the development of social and cultural trends.

Categories of advertising goals:

  • Pioneering Advertising:  i.e. “To provide information

This type of advertising is when an advertiser is providing information to their targeted users or consumers. The information could be such as telling the target market that the brand will have a new product launch soon, or promo code, or special offer next festival, or detailed information about the current products like price, functionality, etc. This kind of advertising where the goal is to only provide information to the targeted audience is called pioneering advertising. The purpose of this ad is to establish the basic needs of certain products, even if the market needs, rather than to publicize certain brand.

  • Induced Advertising:

Through the establishment of the corporate advertising campaigns customer’s brand preferences plus their attitudes towards the enterprise products is encouraged so as to give up a try to competitor brand instead buy the same brand they use, this kind of advertising goal is to persuade customers to accept market access, to induce customers to buy immediately. The main goal here is to target the consumer’s attention or attitude towards their products.

  • Tip Advertising: i.e. “Remind Use

Tip advertising is such an advertising in which advertiser’s goal is to remind the consumers of near future so that they buy their product beforehand. E.g. reminder of autumn which will soon be here and will require of warm cloths, advertiser like Monte Carlo may find it useful for them). Such kind of advertising is called prompt of tip advertising.

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