For advertising on Facebook , visit your business Facebook page in the Admin Panel, click on “Ads Manager” button (top right). Here you can set a budget and create your ads. Once you’re done, your ad will now be launched. This ad is very simple and basic one.

However, if you want a more complex ad, click on the “Create an Ad”. Here you can choose whether you want to promote your business Facebook page, to promote a particular post on the Site, and second, you can select the advanced options where you can choose that all those who click on the ad send to your Facebook page or to send them out of Facebook, for example, on your Web site.

Advertisements on Facebook are short, the title is of 25 characters plus for the text you have option of 90 characters, with the possibility to add a photo. Finally, you can do a more detailed profile of the audience who would see your ad, including the age range, gender, location and interests (based on other sites that are based).

At the very bottom of the page, set your budget. Facebook ad campaign by default is based on the daily budget, the CPM (cost per thousand impressions) basis. Your bid is a dynamic and “optimized to get as many based on his page,” and you will be charged per view and not per click. It should be noted that the CPC (cost per click) model is also available but that Facebook offers little guidance on how to choose between CPM and CPC. The Council is to start with a small budget for CPC advertising and only later to consider CPM model. Also, in a campaign, you can add additional ads to experiment with different rotating ads or images.

It should be said that Facebook approve each ad before it becomes active.

To read more in detail or step by step process , please refer: http://www.knowonlineadvertising.com/online-advertising-courses/facebook-adveritisng/
You wish to be more people following you or your tweet has the greatest possible audience? Here’s how to do it.

Go to Twitter’s ad system and run through his simple process settings.

Specify the location where you want to get to the user and then set a budget for your promotional tweets. Twitter recommends a minimum bid of $ 1.50 per click, and as far as other advertising services on the platform, the fee for “Promoted Tweets” (Promoted Tweets) is variable and is based on supply and demand. The higher bid date (you are ready to pay more), the greater the likelihood that your tweets to be promoted, provided that you pay only for those tweets that are clicked.

On the next screen you will get another option for advertising designed to help you in getting Twitter followers. This is a separate system of advertising that puts your business in the “Who to follow” section on Twitter, promoting your business to customers who are probably interested. In this system you will pay for every new follower, based on the date of the offer, Twitter for the service recommends a bid of $ 2.50 per follower. At the end you will be asked to provide payment information. The ads will begin running immediately.

It should also be noted that now Twitter offers more options which was not their in the initials for advertising publication of new tools for self-service ads that offer significantly better control of targeting that will allow small advertisers to their ad campaign directed at exactly the audience you want, and they also provide access to advanced control panel for reporting, analytic and optimization.

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