Reaching or say engaging the audience wherever on any screen , device is always the mission of online advertising and when it’s about Apple , advertising industries take it more seriously. Apple recently introduced it’s new product “iPad Mini” whose size is more like smartphones but the resolution and everything is like ipad 2 . All the application of ipad 2 will run on ipad mini plus it’s portability feature is significant no doubt ! This great feature is good for apple but what about the advertisers and the publishers to show their ads on it as they can’t miss this new product to target . When you talk about the tablets , the Ads shown have different concepts while similarly it goes different for mobile phones as they mainly focus on location data but what about this new hybrid product .
The hybrid concept of ipad mini has left the concern for advertisers and publishers that to show magazine kind of ads that are shown in tablets or kind of call to action ads that are shown in mobiles. The confusion is on and may be number of experiments can come out with final result of advertising on ipad mini.

Lets see what comes out the result for this new ravishing product !!

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