Definition: CTR is click through rate which is defined as the ratio between the number of clicks an ad(banner) gets to the number of times the ad(banner) is shown i.e. Impressions

We all know High CTR is directly proptional to low CPC and thus High ROI which makes it important to give total attention.

Once the campaign has gone live, let the campaign run for a day or two or according to the running date of the campaign. Start the analysis of reports everyday to see the performance and make decision accordingly.

Below points can always help to increase the CTR. Try them and see which one works best for you!

Points are:

  • Exclude the low performing publishers so always look publisher wise data to include and exclude sites. Removing low performing sites will help in increasing the CTR
  • Make sure the ad appears above the fold
  • Make the ad appealing and dynamic to attract user’s attention
  • Short or exact but meaningful message within the creative helps in increasing the CTR
  • Please make use of frequency capping, the number should generally vary from 5 to 10 as more than that may result into banner burnout
  • Exclude the devices that are not performing well like mobile or tablet
  • In Ad use text like “Click here” or “Free Download” or “Free Trial” or “Buy Now” to increase CTR
  • For Search advertising, remove the irrelevant or low performing keywords, make use of negative keyword also
  • If multiple creative running, remove the low performing ad or decrease it’s weightage to show less then the performing ones
  • Don’t let the ad appear in between multiple ads, it negatively impacts the CTR. When the ad renders at the clean area of webpage it brings better CTR as more likelihood to be clicked
  • Until unless your product price is extra ordinary(low), please don’t mention price on the banner, please remove such banners if placed
  • Increase the bid
  • Play with targeting(technological,Demo,etc.), plus or minus according to the report analysis

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