Zeebox announces the launch of the world’s first automated advertising platform called “SPOTSYNCH” that delivers targeted digital ads on smartphones and tablets that are synchronized with linear TV spots.It means SpotSynch will show users targeted digital advertisements simultaneously with specific TV programs and commercials.It will allow advertisers to serve ads within the zeebox app at the same time as the advertiser’s spot appears on TV. It effectively creates an instant, personalized, interactive connection between any TV commercial and a consumer with a smartphone or tablet.
SpotSynch works across all TV ads on all the broadcast networks and 120 national cable channels, and it does not require broadcasters or agencies to change the way they manage their TV advertising. zeebox detects ads on TV automatically, requiring no watermarking or similar technique. The consumer experience is magical, with a sleek rich media ad simply appearing in context with the ad airing on TV – no pressing of buttons, holding up the phone, matching up QR codes, or similar gimmicks.

This new platform will definitly lead to high conversions as if the user will be interested on the product he can actualy lead to take up the product in one click.
To explain by example – Say if you are watching a commercial ad on TV of some philips Mp3 and you are interested on it but will think of looking into it later and later may lead to NO, but if the same ad is shown with more details simultaneously on your smartphone or tab may take you to buy that instantly thus leading to high conversion.

SpotSynch has integrated with existing cross-platform ad serving and tracking platforms, like DfP, and Freewheel. Let us how great it goes !!

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