1. It is the fastest growing medium than any other
  2. High penetration on all targets, especially in the youth segment.
  3. Wide coverage – It comprises of targets that are highly commercial as between 17 and 55, of middle and upper class, urban habitats, with high purchasing power, accustomed to new technologies and trends and prescribe consuming.
  4. Affinity – Internet is the most effective with young medium. Therefore, it is an excellent means of improving business. It is very profitable way of marketing variables (memory, notoriety, purchase intent …).
  5. Targeting ability – Internet over other conventional means has the ability to reach to the desired target audience easily.
  6. Interactivity – By nature, the Internet allows user interaction with the goal of creating a short, medium or long term relationship.
  7. Creativity – The limitless creative possibilities of the medium are excellent to build an experience with the target audience. The development of new attractive formats for the user as well as video technology enable campaigns to be very effective in its objectives.
  8. Capacity of branding – Internet advertising improves memory and accelerates the diffusion of the advertising message.
  9. Feed, sale and distribution – Internet is a great medium prior to the final purchase information.
  10. Real time monitoring – The advertiser has the ability to obtain short-term results, since the campaign can be monitored in real time, it is easy to take decisions according to campaign performance.

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