Over ninety percent of experiences on the internet start from a search engine result. This explains the over three billion searches that Google Search Engine – the biggest search engine – receives every day.

Every business understands the importance of search engines and appearing on the front page of their search results. Businesses employ different mechanisms for them to appear on the front pages. 

This is where the differences step in. Most businesses disagree on which is better between Organic SEO and Paid Search Engine Marketing. However, all they need to do is understand how each one of them works.

Organic SEO Overview

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is used to describe the process of optimizing a website continually to ensure that it ranks well in organic pages of search engine results. Google uses different ranking techniques to measure SEO.

These are the techniques you have to look at when optimizing your website. There are different important ways to improve your SEO, something that poses a challenge to most people. However, companies such as Online Marketing Gurus in New York can optimize your website for SEO and help you overcome this challenge.

Organic SEO can be classified into four – User Interaction Signals, technical SEO, off-page SEO, and on-page SEO. You need to understand all these categories for you to get the best results from your website optimization efforts.

Paid Search Engine Marketing Overview

Paid Search Engine Marketing is similar to organic SEO, the only difference is that it includes PPC (Pay Per Click). We can, therefore, say that Paid Search Engine Marketing is a form of paid SEO.

It, however, comes with a set of features and requirements. It requires bidding for one to rank on the first pages of search engine results. 

This means that you place your bid on a keyword. When someone searches for that particular keyword, then your website appears on the front page of search results.

If other people have placed a bid on the same keyword, then the search engines look at the person with the highest bid. Their website will rank first then the others follow. This means that ranking depends on how much you have paid.

So, what is the main difference between the two? The main difference is that organic SEO is used to rank websites on search engine results without making any payments. On the other hand, Paid Search Engine Marketing focuses on doing the same, but with payment.

With organic SEO, businesses optimize their websites for SEO to improve their rankings on search engine results. Paid Search Engine Marketing allows businesses to pay for ranking – or rather to pay for a top ranking on search engine results.

Results: Organic SEO vs Paid Search Engine Marketing

A major difference to note between these two is the time that it takes for one to see results. The truth is that organic SEO takes a lot of time. It even takes more for those with new websites or websites that do not have backlinks.

Some people have even argued that it might take about two years for your website to get on the first page of search engine results. If you do a simple search on Google, for instance, you are likely not going to see a new or recently published website.

On the other hand, you can start seeing results very fast with Paid Search Engine Marketing. For instance, if you get a good keyword, then run an advert in the morning, you are likely going to see positive results by the end of the day.


Every business operates differently and chooses the best products for its operations. When it comes to search engines, it is good to try both these options and choose the one that is good for you. However, if you look at the top companies in the world, you will realize that they have invested in both options.

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