HTML5 creative upload steps in doubleclick campaign manager (DCM)

After the HTML 5 creative took over the flash ads, all the rich media creatives are trafficked in HTML format only. Let’s know the step-wise process to create HTML 5 ad unit in DCM.


HTML5 files should be in .zip or .adz format which should contain all the necessary files to run the creative perfectly

i.e. index.html (most important), supporting jpeg files, fonts,JS file, CSS, etc.

Step 1:

Once you are at the campaign level in DCM, click on new to see drop down options where you will find HTML 5 banner option within creative subheading.


Step 2:

Selecting the HTML5 option takes you to a new window where the creative name, assets upload, dimensions, etc. are to be provided.


Step 3:

Select the dimension, here we are uploading 728×300 so we will select 728×300 after then we will upload the .zip or .adz file which contains the HTML5 creative. Just like any other creative upload we necessarily need to upload the backup image here also.

Once you click on the upload option, you will see creative being uploaded and if everything is as required DCM will successfully accept the files.



Step 4:

After the successful upload of HTML5 and backup image, we click on save button which is at the top left.


Click on the save button will take you back to the campaign level where you will see your ad created. Now just click on the preview button to see if your ad is appearing and if appearing is it exactly the way you expected.


Step 5:

Clicking on the preview button takes you to a new window where you can see the creative perfectly


Step 6:

You can QC your creative by changing the environment or dimensions, just like the way you QC other creatives in DCM

This is done, very simple to create any HTML5 banner in DCM.

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