A cookie is a small file of some alphanumeric data which is sent from a website to your browser.It’s a small file but plays a bigger role in online advertising and not only in advertising but also helps in fast accessing of a website visited earlier, like login, preferences, settings, etc.
A cookie window is the time span of the cookie that will remain in the user’s browser i.e. how long your browser can use the cookie information.

In the context of Online advertising , Cookie window means that consumers who clicked on a digital banner or a search result have 30 days to return to your site and take the action that is being tracked.

When we set up a campaign we always set some cookie duration , what if we set some larger value like 100 , 50 , etc. as default for all the campaigns for a common procedure to follow? No – The cookie window needs to be set based on each business objective as every advertiser will have it’s own target or every business has its own time lag(click to conversion or action), some products like car, bike, TV, etc. is not a product taken at one shot. Every user give a detail search and takes time to finalize it after seeing the Ad so setting cookie duration for a longer time is more appropriate here while products that are ending very soon like within 7 days gives no logic setting the cookie widow as more than 7 plus the time lag has to be less than 7 or 7 to catch the conversion on your hand.

Thus we cannot have a common cookie duration for all the campaigns or businesses !

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