Recent surveys says that users find mobile ads far more interruptive — and annoying — than those on TV or web based ads.A study released today from market-research firm Forrester shows that a majority of mobile users (70%) surveyed said that automatically served in-app ads were interruptive which is more like natural as no users wants to get interrupted while checking email or using apps.

The report issued by Forrester reveals two-thirds of the mobile users surveyed believe mobile app ads are annoying and only 12% find them engaging. 68% of the respondents don’t want to be interrupted while using an app. 59% say they want to be rewarded for interacting with an app ad. And, 40% said they’d like to choose the ad from a host of options.
Strange but despite having a decidedly negative view of mobile advertising, a significant portion of mobile users were open to mobile ad targeting based upon their personal interests (49%) and current location (43%).

Mobile advertising is the next boon no doubt but number of changes are yet required like opt in or reward for the engagement 😉

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