To everything there is always profit and loss, similarly we have advantage and disadvantage of Rich Media ads, but let’s look at the positive side of new growing Rich Media units in mobile advertising. We are hearing rich media ads for unite long now but people around are still not much aware that how exactly it is beneficial and what big change it can bring. It is true that nothing is perfectly predictable but yes we can definitely figure out the points that can be beneficial or points that can be loss.

  • Eye catching ad units
  • Awesome user experience
  • Higher income for publishers
  • Campaigns perform better for advertisers i.e. Better performance
  • Saves loss of traffic as generally no redirection to different page which is an add-on profit to publishers with revenue/income.
  • New technologies have saved the cost too much extent in production and running of RM ads, i.e. use of third party vendors like celtra
  • More closer look to the ad gives better exposure to the users
  • High interactivity of RM ads attracts the user or consumer
  • Use of advanced or latest technology like  GPS are the add-on to mobile advertising
  • HTML5 launch becoming a game changer by overcoming many of the problems with technology and device fragmentation
  • Location based targeting being one of the best technology for RM ads as showing right interactive ad at the right time attracts more attention
  • Rich Media ads with social buttons can lead to easy share by user on social platform thus increasing more exposure without paying for serving of ads at times.
  • Powerful Branding and higher clicks
  • Rich media ads help in measuring almost all the activity of the user which is a great help to the advertisers.

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