Customer relationship management (CRM) is essential for building long-lasting relationships between your business and clients. With the right CRM strategy, you can improve communication between your customers and prospects to increase the chances of retaining loyal customers. 

Studies show that every dollar you spend on your CRM implementation will return around $8.71 in sales revenue. Therefore, it plays an important role in return on investments (ROI). 

Let’s dive deeper into this article to learn more about maximizing our online returns using CRM strategies. 

The definition of marketing CRM 

Marketing CRM is a data-driven platform that allows marketers to create meaningful customer relationships and improve marketing strategies. CRM automation marketing aims to build a personalized customer experience by leveraging customer behavior, interests and data. 

Marketers are focused on reaching a target audience through email, social media and content that moves consumers throughout the buying process. A marketing CRM helps marketers understand customers on a deeper level and allows them to create strategies they can execute for reaching out to customers. 

Top CRM software to use 

A CRM system is excellent for many reasons. You can use it to improve and manage your internal process in the sales cycle. Here are the best ecommerce CRM software you can use for your business: 

  • Klaviyo: Built specifically for ecommerce purposes. Klaviyo is an automated marketing CRM platform that allows a brand to create a personalized customer experience. Top features include historical viewing, predictive analytics, combined SMS and email, Yieldify integration and more. Pricing with Klaviyo starts at $35 per month and can go up to $1970 per month. 
  • Pipedrive: Is trusted by more than 100,000 companies in nearly 180 countries. Pipedrive is a sales-focused CRM tool designed for teams of all sizes. Top features include managing leads, the platform has an email builder and email segmentation. Pricing plans start at $17 per month and go all the way up to $92 per month. There’s also a 14-day free trial. 
  • Capsule CRM: Was designed for being both a simple and complex software to deal with. There are more than 10,000 companies that are using Capsule. Top features include contact management, email marketing, sales analytics and pipeline. 

9 Ways to maximize online ads ROI through CRM strategies 


  1. Create unique buyer personas 

CRM helps you track behavioral patterns with your audience, where you can use this information for building unique personas you can use to target your audience with promotions. 

You can separate your buyer personas into different categories, such as: 

  • Small business entrepreneurs 
  • Chain branch managers 
  • Enterprise level managers 

These unique personas make people speak about the interests and needs of people. Moreover, your CRM can automatically track leads and collect important information about their needs. As your prospect list starts to grow, you can increase your revenue in the process of making the ideal target persona

  1. Encourage personalization

Personalization influences your team to understand how unique a customer’s interests are. By fitting into the customer’s needs, businesses can establish much better long-term relationships through engagement that isn’t typically relevant to the content. 

Personalization allows companies to address all of the customer’s concerns and highlight benefits and features of a product or service that may interest them. 

That’s not all. In fact, 83% of consumers are willing to share more data with brands that want to give them a personalized experience compared to those that don’t. 

  1. Automate your email marketing campaigns 


Especially if you are using CRM software, it’s easy to integrate it with your email marketing campaigns and increase your conversion rates. You can continuously get alerts that allow you to know whether your prospect or customer is opening your emails or not. 

It goes even deeper than that and let’s not forget that you can see which images, subject lines, CTAs and links your customers are opening and are most receptive to. Not only that, CRM features to aid you in lead nurturing. This is because CRM software goes in-depth and even some software allows you to use email templates that have interactive elements in them/ 

After all, you want to send out email content that your customers want to read and open. Interactive content can be anything from mini-games to short videos for improving your social media marketing. 

  1. Build long-term relationships with your customers 

CRM platforms are well known for collecting customer data. Once you collect data, you can start to learn more about the customer’s behavior and how they spend their money on your product or service. Moreover, this makes it easier for you to customize all future interactions since you know about older ones. 

There are even CRM systems that can track where website visitors come from. Sometimes it’s from email link clicks, social media channels, and other sources. Businesses can use this type of information to look for trends that get more website clicks and engagement than the rest. Not only does it help build long-term relationships with customers, but it also allows you to see the type of content they are interested in seeing. 

  1. Target your greatest customers 

Your CRM data shows you who your best customers are. It’s time to identify and target your best customers to get the most out of your promotions. For instance, CRM data allows you to identify who your biggest spenders are and who generates the most revenue. Simultaneously, it helps reduce investments in customers who don’t help you generate as much revenue.

People who don’t generate as much revenue are those who will usually buy more rarely, ask for refunds, always complain and send out lots of customer service requests. 

  1. Engage with your social audience 


High-quality CRM software usually has social listening features and allows you to track your audience’s behavior on social media. You can gain insights about your brand or industry, consumer interests, pain points, and more. Using this type of knowledge for creating more messages through email or somewhere else is important. 

Moreover, you can track what kind of channels on your social media accounts are getting the most engagement. After, you can use these insights for creating similar content and promoting it through emails or elsewhere. The number of users on social media channels is growing by 4.2% each year. Therefore, it’s an excellent chance for you to focus more on social media engagement. 

  1. Optimize campaigns and analyze customer data 

By diving deeper into your campaigns, you’re uncovering many trends and patterns that’ll help you leverage and customize your marketing approach. This technique involves gathering customer data from several sources, such as website traffic data, social media activities, purchases, surveys and more. After, you can analyze it by using your analytics tools, such as segmentation, predictive analysis and more. 

  1. Conduct A/B testing to find out what works out best for you and your audience 

Roughly 77% of companies are running A/B testing on their website. A/B testing compares two campaign types with different elements for discovering which performs better in terms of engagement and conversion rates. This involves taking two versions of a page and sending them out to different audiences, seeing which one performs better. 

Organizations use A/B testing for several reasons, this includes email subject lines, CTA buttons for website design elements such as color schemes and more. Key metrics used for measuring the performance of each element are: 

  1. Take advantage of upselling 


Your CRM keeps a permanent log of your clients, past and present. You can use this information for identifying all opportunities to upsell your customers, increasing their lifetime customer value (LCV) while you are at it. 

Moreover, by analyzing the price points and type of your products that you’ve purchased in the past, you can design a perfect promotional offer for upselling things you’re most likely going to buy. For this, you can set up automatic notifications for reminding you when you should reach out to people and when it’s the perfect time for upselling. 

The final cutdown 

These are our tips on how you can maximize your ROI through targeted CRM strategies. Upselling, engaging with social media, creating unique buyer personas, and more, are all part of the strategy. 

Maximizing your online advertising ROI through targeted CRM strategies all depends on how much you choose to understand your customer and engage with them. 

About The Author: 

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