Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a smart marketing method to use. It has an average return on investment (ROI) of $2 for every dollar spent. But you can improve that impressive return by implementing a handful of strategies that will push your PPC campaign over the top. In this article, we will take a closer look at five of the most amazing PPC strategies you can put into play immediately to increase your results.

Include Multiple Platforms in Your Campaign

Most businesses focus their PPC campaigns on Google Ads. However, you can reach your target market through social media networks – highly effective PPC platforms. Facebook brings great results because it’s the perfect social media site for building brand awareness, generating leads, and creating customer loyalty. The best way to determine if other social media sites are the right move for your digital marketing is to research the platforms and see which matches your PPC strategy and goals.

Experiment With Lookalike Audiences

One of the most innovative PPC strategies uses options available from marketing sources. For example, Google Ads has the option “similar audiences,” and Facebook has “lookalike audiences.” They enable you to send messages to people like your existing followers, website visitors, or customers. By using a lookalike/similar audience, you can target market your message with amazing accuracy. Conversion rates have been proven to increase with this unique tactic.

Design Landing Pages for Mobile Users

Businesses are putting extra effort into reaching mobile customers because over half of the world’s internet traffic is from mobile devices. They’re responsible for over 40 percent of all online transactions and over half of all ad clicks. Make sure to increase the ROI of your PPC campaign by designing a mobile-friendly landing page your ad sends people to when they click on it. Plus, when that landing page is relevant to the content in the PPC campaign, your conversion rates are better.

Make Use of Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are tools that extend the value of your ad to the potential customer looking at it. There are many different ad extensions, but three will definitely increase engagement. They include:

Call Extensions

This permits users to call your business because the ad includes your phone number with a call extension. A user clicks the extension on mobile devices, and their phone instantly calls your team.

Price Extensions

These provide extra details to users about your products, product options, pricing, and more. If you are operating an eCommerce store, price extensions are a must and can be updated quickly and easily.

Message Extensions

This extension gives mobile users an effortless way to text your business directly. It allows you to send and receive texts from phone numbers and email addresses you designate for that task. You can even activate automated responses.

Recycle With a Remarketing Campaign

The conversion rates of remarketing are incredible. For example, when you retarget a website visitor who looked at a product page but left your site, there is a 70 percent chance they will buy that item from you and not your competition. The concept behind remarketing is simple. You remarket your business to those who have interacted with your website. Google Ads gives you tools to specify what audience to target based on such metrics as time spent on your page, the device used, page visited, and much more.

Advantages of PPC Campaigns

PPC campaigns provide great advantages to your business when they’re part of your marketing strategy in our ever-changing online marketing landscape. They include:


PPC campaigns are good for money because you only pay when someone clicks on the ad, and is sent to your website landing page. You also control how much or how little you want to spend on the marketing campaign.

Audience Targeting

When you set up a PPC campaign, you have the options to choose the type of audience you want your message to reach. These options include location, device type, language, and more.

Results That Can Be Measured

PPC campaigns return detailed reports that show the effectiveness of your campaign. You can see factors that aided or hampered the marketing from the data. Being able to measure the effectiveness of the campaign is vital for future campaigns.

Expertise Not Required

PPC campaigns are not rocket science. There are online tutorials to help you get started, and most ad platforms that provide PPC marketing also have educational tools to help you learn how to get the best out of your digital marketing dollars.

Easy To Create

The ad platforms offering PPC marketing make it easy for you if it is your first time creating a PPC campaign. Their interface that helps you create the ad includes options to assist with the campaign’s targeting.

Customize On the Fly

While you monitor the PPC tracking data, you can make changes to the PPC campaign while it is running. These changes can help you narrow the reach or home in on another factor you hadn’t previously considered.

Get Fast Results

The main difference between PPC campaigns and SEO is that with a pay-per-click marketing program, you will immediately see your efforts’ impact. With search engine optimization, results can take months to show.

Final Thoughts

PPC marketing is the best tool to promote a product or service online. The above strategies will give you an edge over your competitors and help you push an ordinary PPC campaign into something targeted and focused. Give these strategies a try for a better ROI on your next PPC campaign.

Peter Devereaux works as a PPC consultant at Digital Authority Partners in San Diego, California.

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