Custom Audience targeting on Facebook is by which you can reach to specific customers by showing ads to the people you know direct or through 3rd parties like Email addresses, phone numbers, iOS IDFAs, FB user IDs, App user IDs, users on your website, app.

Using Custom Audiences and objective-based ad buying, businesses can:

  • Message existing customers with promotions or offers on Facebook. For example, a local auto dealer can reach people who bought a car a year ago with an ad for a free oil change.
  • Find new customers in a specific area by excluding existing customers from campaigns. A clothing boutique might try to reach new customers in its area by excluding people who have already signed up for its mailing list.

Options via you can create your custom list:

  • Data File custom audience
  • MailChimp custom audience
  • Copy/Paste
  • Custom audience from your mobile app
  • Custom audience from your website

Steps to create: (Pictorial)

STEP 1: Go to Manage Adverts:

Manage Adverts on Facebook_kOA

STEP 2: Clicks on audiences


STEP 3: Clicks on Create audiences


STEP 4: Select the option through which you want to build your audiences (list)


STEP 4.1: When selecting Data file custom audiences – Make list using email IDs, user IDs, Phone numbers or mobile advertiser IDs


STEP 4.2 : When selecting through mail chimp – This is simple as this option with itself import the mail addresses from your mailchimp

MailChimp on FB_kOA

STEP 4.3 : When selecting custom audience from mobile app – This will help to create list for users who has taken some specific actions on your mobile app, this options helps to reach the users who are interested on your product

MobileApp on FB_kOA

STEP 4.4 : When selecting custom audience from your website – This option is quite common as generally everyone wants to target the users who has shown interest on your website, kind of retargeting.

customaudience on FB_kOA

NOTE: The maximum time the audience or user will stay in custom audience is 180 days

Refer for more information:

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