In 2015, Facebook released Facebook Live, a feature that enables individuals, groups, and businesses to connect with their audiences via video. Ever since, this feature has been used by companies for several purposes, such as improving their online advertising and boosting their brand awareness.

Over the years, the strategy has proven effective. Several businesses have successfully used it to increase their customer base and boost their revenue. If you want to do the same, this article will serve as a guide on how to use Facebook Live. Continue reading to discover how you can boost your brand awareness and improve online advertising.

Always Prepare Ahead of Time

Sometimes, you can go live on your Facebook spontaneously. However, to boost your brand awareness with Facebook Live, always plan ahead. Doing this will ensure you seem in charge of the show, making your audience see you as capable. As a result, customers will imbibe your message and gravitate towards your brand. Create a plan that details what you will talk about and give your video more structure. Then, use that plan to run a successful live show.

Choose an Appropriate Time to Go Live

While you can use your Facebook Live at any time you wish, spontaneous live videos are usually not beneficial. Your audience also has things they are doing, and will only be available at specific periods. Hence, they might not be available or online when you are. To ensure your Facebook Live video reaches as many people as possible, determine when your target audience is most active on Facebook and host your live session during this period.

Inform Your Audience Ahead of Time

Ensure your audience knows when you will be live ahead of time. Doing this will ensure they have time to put it in their schedule and prepare for it. Also, post reminders across your social media channels the day before your broadcast.

Go Live for a Minimum of 10 Minutes

Facebook recommends that its users go live for a minimum of 10 minutes to maximize their exposure. This is premised on the fact that the longer you broadcast, the higher the chance that your video will be discovered. Ironically, if you broadcast for too long, people will lose interest. As a good rule of thumb, never broadcast for more than an hour.

Post the Full Recorded Video Afterwards

When you finish the live video, Facebook enables you to upload the complete version on your page. This means any follower that missed the broadcast session can go back to watch it. Also, anyone can refer to it whenever they want.


Boosting your brand’s awareness and online advertising will bode well for your business. Therefore, you should use every tool at your disposal to do so. If you use your Facebook Live correctly, you will find that your brand will continually gain awareness. The result will be a fast-growing business that is making sales at an alarmingly fast rate.

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