Demand for digital marketing services has risen sharply ever since businesses started moving their operations online due to the pandemic. More businesses are fighting for the same market segments and the digital marketing landscape is only getting more competitive.

Retailers move to e-commerce websites and service providers to engage their potential customers online. Unfortunately, not all businesses have the manpower and resources to handle their own digital marketing. This is where digital marketing agencies come into play.

Agencies that offer help to new and established businesses are expanding their service line-ups, offering services such as content marketing and social media management. However, these agencies are now facing some issues trying to keep up with the growing demand.

Proxies for Multiple Instagram Accounts

Handling a couple of social media accounts is fairly easy. As long as you have a phone or a computer, you can post to social media and engage the audience directly. When you manage accounts for multiple businesses, however, things can get a lot more complicated.

Social media platforms like Instagram don’t really allow multiple accounts, especially in large numbers. If you are accessing hundreds of Instagram accounts from the same IP address, it won’t take long before the accounts you manage are banned. This is an issue for digital marketing agencies with a lot of clients.

The risk of having clients’ accounts banned is a huge one, but fortunately, there is a simple way to get around this. Digital agencies can turn to the best proxy provider when they need to mask their real IP address. Using proxies from Smartproxy means different Instagram accounts can appear to have different IP addresses.

Proxies are also useful for accessing other platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Social media platforms have different policies when it comes to access from multiple accounts, but proxies can be integrated into social media management tools and the risk can be eliminated completely.

Content Production

Of course, managing hundreds of social media accounts also means producing content for all of them. There is no point in having a social media presence if you don’t have valuable content to share. In fact, content is the reason why users – potential customers – follow social media accounts in the first place.

Digital agencies are responsible for maintaining a healthy and positive brand image for their clients, and that means making sure that social media followers find value from the accounts that they follow. Content production is a huge task but there are also solutions to this challenge.

For starters, content production can be streamlined with the help of simple content formats. If you have been paying attention to social media lately, you will notice that a lot of popular content is actually easy to create because it is essentially slideshows.

Tools designed to make creating content easier are also widely available. Canva, for instance, makes creating slideshow content easy with templates and predefined guides. Social media managers can adapt the same template to multiple accounts with a high degree of personalization.

Standing Out

The next big challenge to overcome is standing out. As more businesses flock to social media platforms, they have more noise to beat in order to get their message across. High quality content alone is not always enough. You also need to launch activities that further engage your audience.

Engagement should always be the primary metric. Components like contests, giveaways, series, and platform-specific content are worth leveraging in order to maintain high user engagement. Giveaways can also be used to gain traction early; this is useful for clients who are trying to establish their social media presence.

Once again, using an army of social media accounts to gain traction can be an option. Early engagement may be difficult to incite, but agencies can maintain their own army of social media users for the purpose of helping clients gain better engagement on multiple platforms.

This means setting up hundreds of organic-looking social media accounts, posting content and engaging with other social media users, and then interacting with brand accounts through those users. An Instagram proxy is once again handy for this, as it allows digital agencies to have hundreds – or even thousands – of accounts without triggering red flags.

Yes, there are a lot of challenges that digital marketing agencies need to overcome as the demand for digital services grows, but there are also more ways to solve them. Having an army of social media accounts operating behind the best proxy server is one of the best investments that agencies can make today. There are limits to what agencies can do with proxies, but there is no doubt that operating from behind a reliable proxy server helps solve the main challenges: maintaining multiple accounts and cutting through the noise.

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