Modern marketing is simultaneously both more difficult and easier than ever before. On the one hand, you have an astounding amount of brands and different methods of marketing a product, but on the other, you have an all-time high of intuitive interfaces and apps streamlined for ease of use. One thing is for sure though- some applications have been able to easily stand out from the clamor and make themselves known in the digital marketplace.

A prime example of an app that leads the advertisement industry, and incorporates ingenious modern marketing techniques is Instagram. From capturing the right audience, showing them what they want to see, gathering information in one place, and playing on modern psychology and sociology- the app truly is one of the smartest in the game. Sometimes it feels like an intangible quality, but there are a number of tried and true tricks that make Instagram the powerhouse tool it is today.

Know Your Demographic

One of the most important weapons that the advertising industry wields is the proper identification of markets and demographics. No matter what the product or service is, identifying who is interested in, needs, and will pay for what you have to offer is the all too important first step in the process. The second step is finding those people, and being able to advertise to them in the most direct and effective way. This is why Instagram is such an incredible advertising tool. If you are selling your own wares, you can easily see who is following you and what their interaction with your account is. Also, if an individual is using Instagram to market directly to their followers, they know that people who follow them are already interested in what they have to say. If it is a brand account, they can easily leverage the “followers” tool to connect with influencers that may have a relevant relationship to their product or service. This way, the brand is reaching a large audience that has been identified as a strong potential demographic fit for the company in question- bullseye!

Instant Gratification

The scientific side of advertising is one that flies under the radar, but one that informs much of the user experience across the industry. A main component of advertising and digital theory in the modern world is the idea of instant gratification and doing the least work possible. After many mergers and company collaborations, Instagram truly does it all. Whether you’re looking to watch videos, listen to music, shop, or scroll through memes and stunning photography- Instagram has what you’re looking for. For brands and independents alike, the ability to draw eyes to a page that includes everything you have to offer is game-changing. One of the best ways to capture views and direct them to any and all of your websites, social media platforms, or online stores is by embedding a link hub in your bio.

Tech whiz teams like the people behind can help to utilize the small and coveted Instagram bio space as easily and efficiently as possible. By taking so many resources and compacting them into one place, link hubs make it much easier for app users, and send conversion rates and click-through numbers through the roof!

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Most everyone is familiar with the saying “a picture’s worth a thousand words”, and a majority of the original advertising power of Instagram is rooted in that simple phrase. Why fight to make people try to read your lengthy posts, or watch gimmick and jargon-filled commercials? Why do all that, when a single picture can far surpass other methods in pure impact? Sure, there is work that goes into taking a stunning picture or cultivating an amazing feed.

However, a factor that is often overlooked is the covetous nature of the world, and what a big deal lifestyle marketing really is. The impact of seeing a beautiful picture of a resort is twofold: it prompts trip envy and planning, and it makes you curious about where the picture was taken. Being surrounded by influencers and lifestyle accounts, consumers are preoccupied with the images- without noticing that these images are the base of the most subtle and persuasive advertisement.

The internet and social media are such integral parts of marketing that it comes as no surprise that an app that combines the best of all worlds would hold the key to truly effective advertising. Something so easy and so quick fits the bill for what consumers crave in 2021, and Instagram does it with style. In a time where passing trends and fads come and go like the seasons, well thought out systems that get people’s attention and keep them engaged are few and far between- and they aren’t going anywhere. One-stop shopping is here, and it is here to stay. Applications and tools like Instagram that make contributions to that reality are poised to lead the pack and continue to show just how powerful they can be.

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